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Adventures at GenCon 2019: Day 2, Part II

So where was I... Oh yes! I completed several hours of booth service for Goodman Games then ran No Small Crimes in Lankhmar and by that time it would be around 7pm and I would have been up for over 12 hours at that point I believe.

Between the Lankhmar game and my next session I ate an 8 hour old cup of noodles. (Total noodle cup count would now be at 5? Anyways, I had a great talk with one of my players whilst I hungrily scarfed down my noodles. (Later that night he shared some find moonshine with me). Soon though it was time to play Sky ov Crimson Flame!

Sky ov Crimson Flame! How many times have I ran this adventure? I mean... I know I wrote it, but jeez... Anyways, I never get tired of, because every since it's released I do something different, try new scenarios, invent new rooms, etc. Technically I count all this as "play-testing" for the eventually 2nd printing release, where I plan to go through a "George Lucas" the shit out of it. (Well maybe not as muc…

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