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Monday, September 7, 2015

Apparently I'm Bad at Writing 1 Page Adventures...

Because my 1 Page Adventure for +Mythoard is too long!  Fear not however for I been offered to extend this adventure even further into an exclusive adventure module for Mythoard!  This one is currently entitled the Temple of the Jyybrrlywush and will be quite a crazy ride!

In the meantime I will be working a new 1 Page Adventure for Mythoard.  Maybe this time it will actually be one page...

"But what about your other adventure Red Something or Another?"

I hear your cries my fellows and I tell you this: I still need to play-test it, but have been working my butt off lately on a little TV show called Outcast.  Long hours to be sure, but I will keep on writing and improving the adventure until I can get some more play-tests in.

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