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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Working & Writing & Writing & Working....

What ho?

It's been a while since last I wrote and that's mainly due to a lack of news and sleep, but today I come with renewed vigor!  My goal is to finish this latest revision, gather some feed back and move on to layout work for the adventure.

I have been unable to to get any gaming accomplished this month as all my friends seem to be very busy.  Which means I wasn't able to get anymore play-tests in either.  I'm hoping next month will be better.

So if any of you fine people reading this want to:

  • Proof read the adventure
  • Play-test the adventure with me Judging
  • Run a blind play-test for me

Please drop me a line here on the blog or on Google +!

Artists Wanted!

Now I have contacted some fine folks already, but I'm always on the look out for new artists.  If you are or have artist suggestions for me to check out please let me know!  I am looking for folks with that "old school" touch, nothing to modern or refined.

Samhain is almost upon us!

I so wish I could join in on one of these Ravenloft games the community is running, but alas, I'm way too busy and my girlfriend (though a gamer too) would rather spend Halloween enjoying other activities.

This year we are planning on dressing as vikings, specifically Ragnar and Lagertha.  For the most part of the month we've been trying to complete our outfits between other projects and jobs.  Below are some pictures of the progress.

Even Frodo is feeling the Halloween spirit!

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