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Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Shoppe & Artwork A-coming!

What's New!

Since my last post I've been busy working (or rather re-working) Sky ov Crimson Flame, hoping to get everything finished for an early spring release.  I had another play-test recently that really opened my eyes to some of the downfalls of the adventure, which were mainly things I didn't like from the very get go.  Things that I found slowed the game down too much and because of that I've gone through some major rewrites to give the whole adventure a more streamlined feel. There is of course plenty of exploration options as well as plenty of ways to die!


After the rewrites, I began laying out the book in Adobe Indesign and figuring out what new pieces of interior artwork I needed.  I currently have two artists working on filling in some of those gaps and hopefully I can show you some new stuff next week!

New Shoppe!

Speaking of artwork, I have had several folks asking me about prints for the cover art I showed in my last post. Well now you too can have a piece of Owl Knight Publishing history with this limited run of 11"x17" posters!

Check out my new Etsy Shop for limited print runs of posters and modules, as well as action figures!  Of course right now all I have are the posters, but soon enough we'll get it filled up!

Till next time my little owlets!

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