Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Owl Knight's Quest

[A true to fiction story on how and why I've lapsed in my writing.]

There was a long stent in which two traveling companions, a young bearded Barbarian and an over-grown, gruff Owl Knight, sat around on their duffs waiting for the next opportunity for adventure. Sure, there were small quests to be had, traveling from their homeland to a great convention of like-minded savants in the wayward plains of a land known as Indiana, but for many a week the Owl Knight was frantically scribbling in his ancient tomb and gibbering on about writing his latest adventure, while the Barbarian drank much ale and slapped the buttocks of a buxom woman he'd taken to. Now, however, adventure was a foot!

They had gotten a letter from a mysterious fellow about a job in a horrid city in the South call ATL. The fellow mentioned there was plenty of gold to be had if the companions would but travel south for the extent of two months. Both the Owl Knight and the Barbarian were begrudged to take the job, as they had grown accustom to their surroundings. What hurt the most was that the Owl Knight knew he would get no writing accomplished, but because the gold was almost depleted and the call for adventure pulled at their heart strings, they decided to go. So it was with a heavy sigh the Barbarian said goodbye to his woman and the companions set off South.

It has been two weeks since they left and they have traveled and seen much of this new land. The Owl Knight has acquired many treasure troves of books, while the Barbarian has faced many a threat in the form of a Wolverine that takes the form of a man by day! The gold has yet to flow as was promised do to a clerical error within the walls of the main keep, but soon it will rain from the heavens! The morrow begins another week of adventure!

Perhaps to be continued...

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