Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Next Adventure & Beyond!

I'm finally ready to discuss (or possibly just ramble on and on) in further detail the next adventure module that Owl Knight Publishing will produce entitled: Seekers ov the Other Worlds. This article contains SPOILERS for my previous adventure, Sky ov Crimson Flame, as well as the new one. You have been warned!

What's It All About?

Seekers ov the Other Worlds (hereto written SotOW) continues where the previous adventure left off. At the end of the Sky ov Crimson Flame (SoCF), should the players be victorious, and not massacred, they may well be in possession of the an accursed fleshy dagger known as Atma-khanjr. This dagger is a vile living relic that has a will and desire of its own. It harbors a sliver of the necromancer Balrothhaird's soul and is the key that can eventually draw him to the player's world should the dagger fall into the wrong hands.

Now I have ran this adventure many times with many different players and most of them wanted nothing to do with this dagger at the end of the adventure (rightfully so!). Some even went as far as to throw it off the Keep's battlements into the valley below. Is is all well and good for although SotOW is a continuation of the previous story it does not necessarily have to involve those particular characters. Most of which by DCC standards probably died in the expansion adventure Blights ov the Eastern Forest. That is why I'm considering opening the adventure with different adventure hooks and/or, because the story involves Fate, having a bit of deus ex machina written in. 

So the story goes as follows, the Necromancer split his soul into 5 parts which transcended into the Other Worlds that lie beyond the veil, but a sliver was in put into the dagger (not really put so much as left behind) as an anchor. The players, having acquired the dagger are summon by Fate's servant and are sent on a journey into the Other Worlds to destroy the Necromancer. On each of these Other Worlds the PCs must kill the Necromacner, siphoning his souls into the dagger, in order to destroy the thing (which cannot be destroyed until this happens) all while restoring the cosmic balance in the process!

What I've found while I've been writing this is that I have A LOT of story elements I want to incorporate, too many probably. This is the main reason it's been taking me so long to get anything down. I currently have 10 different word documents open filled with craziness!). I've also decided that, even though the Other Worlds will be unique, it could become monotonous to: Go to World A - Kill Necromancer - Go to World B - Kill Necromancer - blah, blah, blah. Thus I have devised a plan to write a modular adventure module!

Oh yes! Less rail roads, more randomness and in turn more words... My plan is to write all 5 of the Other World adventure settings, but your players may only got to 2 before X happens and their suddenly racing to stop Y and Z!  It's a big undertaken... but I'm going to do my best to write something interesting and re-playable!

The Goal!

My goal (and you people keep on me about this now) is that I want a full first draft before GenCon! I'm currently 50 some pages in and maybe close to halfway? Perchance we can play-test it, maybe we can just discuss it! Who knows! But I need this thing to come out first, because I feel like I have people waiting on both this and my other projects *cough cough* DCC Dune... *cough cough.* But I am determined to focus on this first and foremost.

Well that's about all I have for right now. If you've read this far... thank you! Let me know what you're thoughts may be... Your concerns... Your dreams... Your nightmares... Your FEARS! 

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