Monday, July 11, 2022

DCC DAY 2022

Hello everyone! DCC DAY is fast approaching and surprisingly enough there are no FLGS in my city that are hosting... But I shan't let that deter me! So I'll be taking a road trip this weekend to get my fix! Today I am unveiling the new cover for the 2nd Printing of Sky ov Crimson Flame! So without further ado... BEHOLD!

That Peter Mullen guy sure does good work huh!

What's changing in the 2nd Printing?

As far as Sky ov Crimson Flame goes there aren't that many changes. As I think we're all aware the first printing, though enjoyable, was a little rough around the edges, a little raw if you will. I've learned a lot since then and now that the 1st printing has been out of stock for some time I wanted to go back and fix any mistakes, be they typos, monster stats, or whatever. There are a few new changes to the material, some of the artwork has been cleaned up, and there will be some brand new handouts, etc.

Blights ov the Eastern Forest is the one with the major changes! It will now be it's own separate book with, 5 brand new adventure locations, new monsters and of course more art! Stefan Poag is working on an expanded and updated map of the forest showcasing all the new adventure locations and C. Aaron Kreader is currently working on the new cover art! Check out that sketch!

Kickstarter Launch

As of right now I’m planning on launching the KS campaign to re-print both modules next February for ZineQuest 2023. I will be continuing to update this site, but I’ve begun a mailing list that you can sign up for if you wish to stay in the know!

GenCon 2022

If you should be attending GenCon this year I'll be hanging around the Goodman Game's booth and at the Embassy Suites for some after hours games! So please feel free to say hello!

As always you can find me on Twitter: @sonovthrain

And now Owl Knight Publishing has it's own Twitter @OwlKnightPub

Till next time folks!

- Thorin

Sunday, May 22, 2022

2nd Printings & Other Worldly Updates

Hello Folks! It's been a while but I'm finally making some progress with my writing so let's dive into it shall we!

Sky ov Crimson Flame 2nd Printing

Sky ov Crimson Flame has been out of print for sometime now (though you can still physical copies from Goodman Game's site) and I've been planning to get a 2nd printing going for sometime now, however, I didn't want it to be just a rehash of the same material, so I've been (slowly) working on some new material for this beloved horrorfest 0-level funnel!

First off I'll be splitting Blights of the Eastern Forest (the 1st level mini-campaign that accompanied Sky) into it's own separate book (more on that later). The reprint of Sky will feature updated stat blocks, updated interior artwork/handouts, some re-working of areas and possible some added areas as well as a brand new cover by none other than Peter Mullen. And lo! Look thee below for the sketch work of said cover!

Glorious it is not! Now as for the Blights ov the Eastern Forest reprint this will feature 4-5 brand new adventure locations including, but not limited to: The Forgotten Battlefield (something foul lies stirring where old King Roulreed was betrayed by sages in league with chaos and this evil spawns the undead knights that prowl the forest), Feather-head Swamp (the murky waters of this mire has caused the animals to grow strange and two factions, the Swamp Rats and Birdos, now strive for dominance), Childen ov the Crimson Flame (some who saw the red star fall have been blinded and driven mad, what foul deeds does this rising cult plan in the dark boughs of the forest?).

Seekers ov the Other Worlds

Cover art by Stefan Poag

The forth-coming "semi" sequel to Sky ov Crimson Flame is still being written. The current page count as of this post is 142+ pages! This realm hopping campaign is planned to be a box set features 5 Other Worlds (each a separate booklet) and a Judge's guide booklet. Depending on how well the crowdfunding campaign goes the boxset may even feature some other goodies!

As of right now 3 of the 5 Other Worlds are written. These 3 Other Worlds (tentetively titled: World in Flames, Alpha Terra, Messiah ov the Void) will be play-tested at this year's GenCon! (I would post a link, but the tables all booked! Thanks be to those interested in my adventure!)

That's all I got for now folks!

DCC DAY 2022

Hello everyone! DCC DAY is fast approaching and surprisingly enough there are no FLGS in my city that are hosting... But I shan't let th...