Saturday, May 19, 2018

Whoa... Where has the time gone?

Hello all! It has been a long time since I've written a blog post. Five freakin' months! Jeebus, Dagon, Ra! Where hast the time gone? Needless to say, I've been a very busy boy. Unfortunately that business has not been of the gaming variety and frankly I see very little change in that regard. So what have I been up to and more importantly when is Owl Knight Publishing going to print a follow up to Sky ov Crimson Flame? Let's start from the beginning shall we?


During the few two months of the year I was working as a Locations Asst. on the new Halloween film. During that time I manage to fumble the die and stab myself in the palm of my left hand. So for a few weeks there I couldn't really use it. It has healed somewhat, but there is some nerve damage resulting in the numbness of my middle finger which may lead to a surgery to fix it (of which I'm holding off on).

Castle Crusading:

In the month following the wrap of Halloween, the lady and I went to the U.K. for two weeks, landing in London for five days and then journeying West and up through Wales and to the far reaches of the Scottish Highlands, thus gaining some much need XP!

Here I stand before Kilchurn Castle, once the stronghold of the Campbell Clan. In time's now past, the Campbells were the protectors of the Thompsons. Thus, this is as close to home as I can get!

I made a few friends on our quest!

Felt the Quickening!

Everyday was Adventure Time!

Dungeon Synth Album Cover 1

Cover 2

Cover 3

Damn vampires!

 Post Quest:

Now having leveled up, it was time to get to work! Soon after I came back to the States and began writing again, full steam, non-stop! Fueled by caffeine and a mind rattling with possibilities, but here's the problem... I work on too many projects at once... But I'm getting better at focusing, sort of. Then the film-work came pouring in and once I'm in a job, there's no time to write and when there is my brain is so much mush.

Project Update:

So at this moment I think I may have 1/3 of the next adventure Seekers ov the Other Worlds written. "Only a third," I hear you shout. Yes and no! The third is what I have deemed "Good," but I have so much more written; a mess of ideas, semi-fleshed out areas, maps drawn, multiple adventure hooks and endings. I wish I could just write a simple adventure, but I cant...

Believe me! No wants to see this thing finished more than I do. I come up with a different adventure daily, so the fact that I'm "stuck" on this one is extremely irritating... I'm really pushing myself to have a full first draft by GenCon, but it all depends on the calls I get for work. 

The Foreseeable Furture:

Here is what is going to slow me down.... Halloween re-shoots are starting in June, then I have two conventions in August (GenCon and Maskfest), then the lady and I are planning a trip to Japan and S. Korea in November, then Holiday crap... then it's the next freaking year! Ugh...

Here's to getting shit done!

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