Monday, July 11, 2016

Sky ov Crimson Flame Update!

(or how I manage to find time to stay awake after an 80+ week)

Yes ladies and gentlemen of the court I present you with an update. These have become increasing sparse as of late and I do apologize! The show I'm working on is winding down (were currently shooting episode 9 of 10) but the hours are increasing and the madness is slowly setting in! Hopefully the next show isn't as hectic.

I digress, you're here for a much need fix on what the Owl Knight is cooking up. Well feast your wet gaping peepers on the second of two maps that come with the adventure!

Now this isn't the finished version of course as +Jordyn Boci is still working on the filler images that will make up the border. A couple of weekends from now it will all come together and we can all celebrate! Till next time friends!

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