Monday, October 5, 2015

Latest Playtest & Other Musings

Last night I play-tested Sky ov Crimson Fire my 0-Level Funnel (formally titled Red Flame Resurrection) with +Alex Perucchini , +Clint Bohaty and +Tony Tucker on Google Hangouts.  Everybody had a good time and it was a blast.

This was the third play-test of this adventure, but the first with experienced role-players.  Being so, they were extremely cautious when it came to just about everything.  Checking doors and chests for traps, but mainly sending in Becky the Sheep to do the dirty work (who lived).  There were plenty of deaths to be had, but they managed to finish the adventure and stop the evil rites before they could come to fruition.  [Clint's 0-level Thoom the soldier, tackled the Witch, wrapping a demonic necklace around her as they tumbled off the tower only to be pulled to Hell!]

It was epic, but what did I learn?

  • Less is more when it comes to baddies.  What I mean is less baddies that do more damage are better than too many baddies that do fewer damage.
  • Mini-boss fights need to be brutal.
  • Descriptions can be confusing, even to the guy that wrote the damn thing. (Which needs to be re-written.)
  • When splitting a party have everyone roll initiative and just go down the line, switching between rooms instead of having separate initiatives between rooms.  (Does that make sense?)
  • When is too much exposition, too much...
  • Sheep are better at finding treasure than people are.
Overall I'm satisfied with how it went and I can't wait to run it again and get more feedback.

In Other News...

+Mythoard's latest subscription box should include a One-Page Adventure setting by your's truly!  I would love to hear a review of it if you get to read it.

I've also been reading a hell of a lot of Cthulhu by Gaslight scenarios as my play group wants me to run them in a game this October.  Though there are plenty of good ones in the books provided; there just isn't a huge selection of 1890's adventures.  This has got my brain swirling with stories that I'd like to publish (either through submissions directly to Chaosium or maybe via third party).  This is of course way down the line, but it's something I really wanna do none-the-less.

AnyHOO!  That's all for now folks!

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