Saturday, June 22, 2019


Happy Summer Solstice to All!

I'm running a sale on my Etsy Store for Free Shipping this weekend, just use the code HAILTHESUN.

I have some pretty niffy products, including t-shirts, mugs and of course the adventure module Sky ov Crimson Flame. So check that shiz out yo!

In Other News:

As is par for the course I am working this Sunday to prep for a big shoot this week, so today is my only day off. I will writing as if devils are flogging my back to get a workable draft ready for play-testing come GenCon. 

So without further ado, enjoy the longest day of year and PRAISE BE THE SUN!

Friday, June 21, 2019

TV Shows and GenCon

Hello! Here's a bit of an update concerning a little be of everything.

First off, I have redesigned the website and if you find any missing links, please let me know. I have also reopened the Owl Knight Publishing Etsy page. There's you'll be about to purchase t-shirts and other gifts.

Writing Update:

I recently moved to Atlanta, GA to further pursue my film career and am currently working a TV show called Brockmire. The next adventure module still sits at around 100+ pages and is still in draft form. Unless I have some slow days on set I'll only be able to focus writing over the weekends. I am going to heavily concentrate on 2 of the 5 Other Worlds the PC can journey to as I will be play-testing one or both worlds at GENCON.

Which brings us to!

GENCON 2019!

The time of the great convention is nearly upon us. As I did last year I will be officially running 4  sessions of DCC-RPG for Goodman Games (Sky ov Crimson Flame, 2 play-tests of Seekers ov the Other Worlds, and 1 session of DCC Lankhmar). All of which are SOLD OUT!!! Crazy!

When is your next module coming out fool?

This answer is... yes... So unfortunately with my busy work schedule at the beginning of the year (which had me traveling up and down the East Coast) and then up rooting my life and moving to GA  and now my busy work schedule for the second half of the year, I have cemented the fact in my mind that I will not be able to publish Seekers ov the Other World this year...

Boo! Hiss!

I know, I know... it blows, but such is the real world. (I hate the real world...) In the longer run though, this move of mine will help not only my film career, but also my writing (as I don't have to travel as far anymore for work).

Well, that's all I have for now, time to get back to work (real world work that is).

Cheers Friends!

Monday, June 10, 2019

Free RPG Day 2019

What Ho Adventurers!

Free RPG Day is almost upon us and I Thorin "Son Ov Thrain" Thompson will be running DCC-RPG at Raven Nest Games (688 Whitlock Ave NW #400, Marietta, GA 30064) starting around Noon!

Of course I'll be running my 0-level adventure Sky ov Crimson Flame because, y'know, I sure as hell can't seem to finish the next adventure module! (Hahaha... oh...)

If you're in Atlanta and have the time, and are brave (or foolish) enough, come join the game!

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