Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 has finally arrived...

Where are my spinners? Where are the off world colonies? The star ships on fire off the should of Orion! Where I say! We're on track for a shitty world sans on all the cool cyberpunk stuff... And as disappointing as that is I'd still like the start off the new year on a bright note!


I was out of the country for Cyber-Lich Monday and couldn't throw you folks a good deal! So take this one instead! Not only that, but I'm putting the t-shirts I have over on Etsy for sale too. I have a limited supply of my adventure module left so get your's while supplies last.

And in Other News!

I've been writing diligently since my return from Japan. The next module (and subsequent sequel) Seekers ov the Other Worlds currently sits at 37000+ words and growing! Should the gods be willing (and I don't stab my hand at the start of this year) I will actually have a finished draft soon. I know there is a looming cloudy called film work approaching from all sides that will more than likely sweep me away from my books and cats, but if I just keep up this pace I'll be in a good spot.

I also want to come into this digital age and record some playtest sessions, podcasts, or something similar and game related. But we'll see if any of that actually pans out.

Enjoy the New Year (and the sale!) and my your rolls be high and your character deaths glorious!

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