Sunday, June 18, 2017

Free RPG Day: Recap!

Yesterday, as you all surely know, was a religious holiday for the table-top gamer. The day our publisher godlings bestow upon us gifts of free merchandise; of which in return we help peddle in the hopes to convert others into the cult! I'm talking of course about Free RPG Day!

On this glorious day of days I Judged my 0-level adventure Sky ov Crimson Flame for a group who have played table-top RPGs before, but had yet to experience the gonzo nature of DCC RPG. I will not recap the entire section, like I did in my last post, just the goofball highlights!

The Highlights:

  • These players were really getting into the role-playing aspect of the game, so much so that one of them was changing his character's occupations and telling me how they were backwoods moonshiners. I warned them not to get attached...
  • They are also the fist group of players that wanted to bury the dead as they figured out the wretched villagers were of course from the village of Reed. Most of my other groups are of the more murberhobo variety and could have cared less.
  • The first death happened when a Cherub Head-bat bit off a man's face!
  • When the Cherub Head-bombs were dive bombing the characters, one of the guys oiled up his duck and sent it flying into the monsters, causing both the duck and the flying head-bomb to  explode!
  • The dwarf lowered his pig into the dungeon and asked it if all was clear.
  • In the library the PCs found three magical items (from the magic item list provided in the module): The Crow Book, which was used a lot...; the phallic thing in a decanter, which was not drunk but was taken out of the decanter and flopped around a lot ("now your just playing with it!"; and finally the strange scroll, of which killed a player when he broke the wax seal.
  • When the Crow Book was first opened it killed some players, the next time it was opened they were trying to kill the Corrupted Flesh.
  • Speaking of the Corrupted Flesh, it consumed the dwarf while we was riding his pig in the Library, the pig freaked out and the ran around trying to get the monster off it. 
  • The PC with the Love Letter from Belesa found her face in the box and went crazy. He put on the face because he missed her so? I don't know why exactly...
  • The Soul Chamber took out another 5 or so PCs again.
  • The Butcher Cultist had the upper hand this time around and surprised the party, he murdered three PCs before he was put down.
  • Out on the courtyard, the Fleshy Mass was strangling and eating PCs left and right, while the smarter ones ran up the tower to confront the witch.
  • The PC that loved through a duck a the beginning decided to tie the Crow Book to the bottom of a goose in the hopes it would open and the crows all attack the Flesh Mass. I judged it worked, but the goose, being followed by a murder of crows, took off towards the village and that when they arrived back everyone was probably going to be dead... The Fleshy Mass only suffered minor cuts.
  • On the tower, the Witch's surprise magic missile attack backfired on her!
  • The PCs started killing the impaled victims hoping to stop the eldritch light pouring from their faces, which was drawing the Crimson Star closer. In the game, this works and slows the ceremony down.
  • In the end, they killed the witch and stop the ceremony and tossed the chaos dagger over the edge of the tower.
I'm not sure if I converted any new disciples to DCC or not, but overall we had a great time!


  1. Nice! I ran DCC, The Portal under the Stars funnel. Out of 19 characters, 2 escaped at the end. Where did you get that stamp? I love it :D

    1. Hey! Sorry for the late response, these things never tell me when someone has commented... I designed the same on photoshop and made via Vistaprint.


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