Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Adventures at GenCon 2019: Day 2, Part II

So where was I... Oh yes! I completed several hours of booth service for Goodman Games then ran No Small Crimes in Lankhmar and by that time it would be around 7pm and I would have been up for over 12 hours at that point I believe.

Between the Lankhmar game and my next session I ate an 8 hour old cup of noodles. (Total noodle cup count would now be at 5? Anyways, I had a great talk with one of my players whilst I hungrily scarfed down my noodles. (Later that night he shared some find moonshine with me). Soon though it was time to play Sky ov Crimson Flame!

Sky ov Crimson Flame!

How many times have I ran this adventure? I mean... I know I wrote it, but jeez... Anyways, I never get tired of, because every since it's released I do something different, try new scenarios, invent new rooms, etc. Technically I count all this as "play-testing" for the eventually 2nd printing release, where I plan to go through a "George Lucas" the shit out of it. (Well maybe not as much as Lucas might, but you get the idea!).

This session was ran from 8pm-Midnight and only 3 of my 6 players showed up, which was kind of a bummer, but we made due as I provided the characters with extra cannon fodder, I mean... PCs. The adventure went down as it always does with the Death Stamp glowing red hot as I killed up characters left and right. 

When it came to the crossing of the Rocky Mount, the players chose to go left. In the book this means an attack from more Head-bats, which in retrospect I wish I would have changed. Instead I opted for an attack from a creature in the back of the module called the Cherub Spider, which entangled one of the PCs in its sticky intestinal webbing. It was a dire situation, but these players were smart and survived with a bit of brains and lucky rolls. 

Later they fault against the Corrupted Flesh which was an intense battle between the book shelves and causes quite a mess, allowing one PC to get utlra HD infra-vision, which unfortunately for them meant they could focus on every detail of this nasty flesh monster (including the swaying sagging ball sack!) which put them in a rage! In the end they over came the creature only to be stumped by the Soul Chamber, which is just a trap room, and killed off about 5 party members.

Later, as they headed up the sloping hall towards the courtyard of the keep, they encounter a Ghost Knight and some great role playing along with some good die rolls had the Ghost Knight joining their party!

The Crimson Witch at the top of the tower couldn't complete her ritual as one of the PCs (the one who controlled the ghost and now believed himself to be the King of the Keep) sacrificed himself by tackling the witch so fiercely that they both plummeted to the rocks below!

What a session! I had a blast, they had a blast, and those three people that didn't show up missed out on all the fun! Oh well!

More GenCon recaps to come!

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