Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Taste of What's to Come!

I've finished my revisions for my first adventure; a zero-level funnel for DCCRPG tentatively entitled Red Flame Resurrection.  As of right now the draft is a solid 14 pages, features 2 fun random tables and 15 areas.

Here is a snip-it from the beginning:

Starting the Adventure:
It started with the disappearance of Belesa, the raven haired beauty with jade eyes, then others began to disappear.  Finally the children were snatched out their beds in the dark of the night.  Many suspect they have been taken to the ancient Keep that lies hidden in the hills of the Eastern Forest, for tonight, a strange ululation catches the wind as Red Star falls between a Horned Moon rising.
You brave souls are all the village of Reed could muster in a vain hope to save those that have been taken.  Together you steel yourselves as you trek up through the hills of the Eastern Forest where the pines sway eerily in the waning moonlight and weird voices rises and fall in unison sending chills down your spine.  
Shadowed bulbous shapes with wings flop and flutter over the pines towards the old Keep.  Soon enough a gruesome sigh befalls your eyes!  Two villagers, their flesh torn away from their bodies hang crucified at the threshold of winding and jagged stone steps that twist up and over the cliff sides to the Keep's front gates.  A grand pyre blazes in the last standing tower towards the back of the structure and a silhouetted figure is glimpses dancing around it.

Now for another couple play-tests and we'll be ready for the next phase!

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