Monday, February 22, 2016

Feast on some Fleshy Art!

Over the weekend I received some disgusting new art from +Jordyn Boci for my 0-level adventure Sky Ov Crimson Flame. Both of these pieces represent creatures that may be encountered in the adventure.

First up is the Corrupted Flesh (and yes that's our little Love Hobbit from an earlier post. Seems he's gotten himself in quite the pickle*!) *No pun intended there...

Next up is my new favorite piece! Jordyn put a ton a detail in this one and the original is definitely finding a spot on the wall in the game room. This is the Fleshy Mass! 

Only three more pieces of art to acquire (not counting the map) and then it can be sent off to Goodman Games for approval. In the meantime I've started my next project, a 3rd level adventure that loosely ties into elements from the current one.

You can follow Jordyn on instagram @archaic_manifestation. She does all sort of awesome artistic things I could only dream of making! 

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