Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Hey! Woah! It's 2020!

Hello! Is there anyone there? Hello? 

Yes... I'm bad at this blogging thing, sorry about that, but if you are reading this, then please BUY MY ADVENTURE MODULE! (Just kidding, but seriously you probably should.) So what's new, you may be asking, well let me tell you!

I'm still writing the follow up adventure to Sky ov Crimson Flame, entitled Seekers ov the Other Worlds, and though I had some play-test sessions at last years GenCon I'm beginning a whole new series of re-writes! Hopefully this will transition in to a full 1st draft, which will need more through play-testing before publishing of course. I believe all this will be more easily obtainable than before simply due to the fact that I no longer need to travel out of state for work, having permanently moved to Atlanta, GA for film/television work last year.

Speaking of publishing! Goodman Games is about to drop a Kickstarter for The Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar of which I was honored to write a small, but deadly, encounter for Round 3 of the Tournament style adventure. So be sure to check that out when it drops! I've also been working on some other top secret writing assignments that I can't speak of yet, but you'll all be in for a hell of a treat!

AnyHOO! That's what's new. I wish I could write faster and publish quicker, but life tends to say otherwise! Till next time friends!

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