Friday, April 10, 2020

Cyclops Con 2020!

Cyclops Con is almost upon us! Goodman Games is hosting a cyber con (how cool is that?) and I'll be running 3 games via Discord.

Sky ov Crimson Flame  - Friday at 11:00pm EST
Blights ov the Eastern Forest - Saturday at 11:00am EST
The Croaking Fane - Sunday at 11:00pm EST

You can register to sign up here.

During the days of the con Owl Knight Publishing will be running two sales. One DriveThruRPG the PDF for Sky ov Crimson Flame will be $4.00! Here on the site the physical copies (which come with a free PDF) will be $10.00 + shipping, but I've got a very limited run of first printings left and once their gone they are gone!

I hope you're all doing well and remember to stay safe out their! This plague is no joke! Wash your hands you filthy animals!

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